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Speeding Ticket? Reckless Driving? You Can Fight It.

Traffic violations aren’t just inconvenient. They can add up to real trouble for you. Let Malcom Doubles fight for a better outcome on your behalf.

Paying The Ticket May Be The Worst Thing To Do

If you’re thinking of simply paying the speeding ticket or pleading guilty to reckless driving, think again. You will likely lose your license. Your insurance rates will skyrocket. Plus, reckless driving is considered a misdemeanor crime – which means you will have a permanent criminal record.

The good news is that you can combat these penalties.

At the law firm of Wiegandt & Doubles, P.C. P.C., Malcolm Doubles handles a wide array of traffic offenses in Virginia, including speeding and reckless driving. In every case, he will search diligently to find real, practical and creative solutions to your unique situation. His goal is to help you get back to your daily life – without a criminal record and with all your driving privileges intact.

Were You Going More Than 19 MPH Over The Limit?

Driving more than 19 mph over the posted limit, or going more than 80 mph, counts as a misdemeanor in Virginia. The consequences of such a conviction may follow you for the rest of your life, affecting your employment opportunities, reputation and more. You may even serve jail time.

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