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Virginia Gun Rights Attorney

Are you a hunter who can no longer enjoy the sport because you’ve lost your gun rights? Over the years, Wiegandt & Doubles, P.C. has successfully aided many clients in having their rights restored. You DO need a lawyer to complete the process. Here’s why:

The first step you must take in getting back your gun rights is to have your civil rights restored. YOU can complete this part of the process by petitioning the Governor of Virginia. The form for the petition can be found on the Governor’s website. (There are two forms to choose from depending on the felony.) The Governor’s restoration of your civil rights DOES NOT restore your gun rights.

Here’s where an attorney is needed: After your civil rights are restored, you may petition the Circuit Court where you reside, or where you were convicted of the felony, to have your gun rights restored. This process involves petitioning the court, obtaining your finger prints, and having a criminal record check. Most courts require a hearing, and the local Commonwealth’s Attorney has the opportunity to weigh-in on the request.

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